The focus at Lockit Tools is on spark plug sockets, and that's all we do. Of course, being involved in the automotive tool business, we have a natural fascination for high performance cars. The beautiful cars built by Pyramid Street Rods are all completely streetable, great handling tire burners. Thanks to John Barbero, owner of Pyramid Street Rods, we are able to share some of these beautiful cars on our website.

That great Pyramid Street Rods logo can be found on our U.S. made Lockit Socket/Pyramid Street Rods T-shirts at our apparel shop.

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1940 Chevy Pickup

Owner: Dave Wilson
Bellingham, WA

  • _DSC2783-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2788-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2789-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2790-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2792-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2794-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2795-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2797-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2798-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2800-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2802-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2804-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2805-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2807-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2809-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2811-40-Chevrolet.jpg
  • _DSC2814-40-Chevrolet.jpg