Many Thanks to Our Customers for Their Lockit Socket Application Comments!

  • I just received my HD 11/16" spark plug socket from Lockit. I have been working on small engines and motorcycles for nearly forty years and have seen the difference in the quality of tools on the market. This tool is one of the finest!  Fit and finish is as good as any of the major professional brands.  Keep up the great work!   BWW, Atlanta GA.
  • Hi Gary, Just a quick thank you for your prompt service and correspondence,  the tool arrived and is quite impressive. The workmanship is second to none. All the best for the future.
    Regards, C.D.   Echuca Victoria, Australia
  • Hi Gary, Just want to let you know the wrench I bought from you (The original) LS201 5/8' worked great on my 2003 4.3L Mercruiser. Thanks for shipping it so quick also!!
    Kind regards, Gord.  G.H. Mississauga, Ontario.
  •  Gary, I received my socket yesterday, which was only two days to ship. EXCELLENT!! This socket worked perfectly with no problems, and I was very impressed with the quality. IT THRILLS ME TO BUY AN AMERICAN MADE PRODUCT! To all Triumph motorcycle owners out there, this is the socket to buy. I have a 1998 Trophy 1200. I wish you continued success with your business.
    Sincerely, Dean.   Dean Thornhill, Troutville, VA (purchased LS18L 18mm socket.)
  • Hi Gary, I just got around to changing out the spark plugs on my 2002 Z28 Camaro. I bought the Lockit Socket on February 29th. You asked me to let you know how it worked. Well, it performed as designed. I didn't use any of my spark plug sockets, they wouldn't have worked. So overall, with the new socket and Lisle boot pullers I was able to do the job in about two hours and saved myself a trip to the dealer. Thanks again, Ruben C.  Vista, CA
  • Hi Gary, Finally received the socket today (held up at my end by customs!!). Used it later today to adjust my Harley Davidson clutch and worked "exactly like it says on the can". Thanks for your help in sorting the US hold up - your call to USPS got things moving well.
    All The Best, Dave M.  Lancashire, England. (purchased LS22HD)
  • I purchased 2 sockets from you to use on a Doosan bus engine. I finally got a chance to use the socket and it worked beautifully. The socket held the spark plug snugly and it fit easily into the very tight space. Thanks for making such a wonderful socket.
    Ted C.  Hisperia, CA (purchased LS203)
  • Gary, I used the socket this morning and it worked as described. The plugs on a BMW S14 are in deep tubes, but the holding clip in the socket worked great. It is almost too bad the socket will get minimal use because it is a joy to use well designed tools.
    John Beggs (John purchased the LS18 18mm Lockit Socket).
  • Hi Gary,   The 13/16" spark plug socket you sent to me (LS262) arrived today. Thanks for the quick service. I recently purchased a Honda HS 724 TA snowblower which has a spark plug requiring a 13/16" spark plug socket. The tool kit that comes with the snowblower is ok to remove the plug but essentially worthless to replace it. When I removed the plug, the spark plug gap had been set incorrectly. After I attended to that I discovered that the Honda tool could not be used to correctly replace the plug as described in the instructions. Also, a 13/16" spark plug socket that I had on hand had too thick a wall to replace the plug properly (with the correct amount of torque as described in the shop manual which I also purchased). Your Lockit socket, however, worked perfectly. That is one beautiful spark plug socket! Many thanks for making it available. Happy New Year to you and your family!!   Best wishes,Gary.   Gary Rabetoy,  Piney Flats, TN.